Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for Sale

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is for sale on eBay

Here’s a great gift idea for the Shakespeare lover in your life.   A life-sized replica of the Globe Theatre that was used in the new Vanessa Redgrave and Rhys Ifans film Anonymous.   The theatre was a gift from director Roland Emmerich to Chirstian Leonard, the artistic chief of the Shakespeare Company Berlin after 30 of their actors were gracious enough to appear in Emmerich’s film.

The Globe Theatre replica is more than just some flimsy film prop, the theatre is mean to seat 700 people and it perfectly capable of hosting performances.   But the set has to be moved to a new location to make way for the new Tom Hanks film, Cloud Atlas, which is supposed to be the most expensive film in German history; like that’s a big deal.   It’s not like Germany is making Avatar or anything.   I would imagine Hanks salary alone puts in the top 100.

Anyway, these being culture-less Germans, no one wants to put up the funds to move the theatre to a location where it can host play.   They figure the cost of moving it and getting it up to spec for people to safely sit in the thing would run about $400k.   And let’s face it, the Germans just don’t love Shakespeare that much.   Although one could argue that with all the English landmarks they destroyed in WWII, they should just send it as a gift to the UK.   Or maybe send it here and pay back a little of that Marshall Plan.

The theatre is on eBay right now.   So if you have enough in your Paypal account, and you have a big enough backyard, I can’t think of anything better to impress your friends.   Maybe with this type of set up you can have Dame Judi Dench stop by for a quick play.


  1. I think Dame Judy already has the set of the Rose Theatre from Shakespearw in Love in her garden!

    Gerald Place

  2. I noticed there were a few low dollar bids, but not sure if anyone was able to pay the 50,000 € shipping charge for item 180696022232. I’ve inquired with the seller to see if there is a followup story.

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