Richard Branson’s Meakpeace Island Up For Rent

Ever wanted to own your own private island or maybe rent one? Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group has put his 25 acre island up for rent. Live like the mogul on an island full of luxurious amenities all to yourself for just $8,000 a night.

Richard Branson’s Makepeace Island is in Noosa, Australia but he also owns another island: Necker Island in the Caribbean. The island was purchased back in 2003 and is opening its doors for private lease for the first time. The island is near the Sunshine coast and can be reached via a quick riverboat.

Not only can you party it down on your very own private island but you could also bring 21 of your closest friends and relatives along for the ride. The island will peacefully accommodate 22 guests. Accommodations are luxurious and guests can stay in the Bali house with three separate master suites or one of three bures on the island. The décor on the inside of the house has life-size sculptures, enormous volcanic boulder bathtubs, antiques and plenty of ornate lighting.

In addition to complete privacy on your very own island in Australia, the grounds also has a 500,000 liter lagoon pool, spa, bar, pavilion, tennis court, beach areas, nature walks and a two story open aired Balinese bamboo villa.

The island itself is naturally heart-shaped. I feel as though this may be the ideal place for a destination wedding. You, your bride/groom to be and 20 of your closest friends and family all celebrating your wedding in style on a private island in Australia. That is, of course, if you can afford it. $8,000 a night may seem like a steep price but memories that will last you a lifetime, now those are priceless.

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