The Queensland government and Uber announced the world’s first underwater ride-share submarine, scUber. Users can either book through the Uber app from Gladstone starting May 27 or Cairns on June 9 until June 18 to experience an underwater adventure throughout the Great Barrier Reef.

For  $3,000 AUD (about $2,060) users can enjoy round-trip transfers in a Tesla; a scenic helicopter ride to and from Heron Island or the Quicksilver Cruises and an hour-long ride in the scUber submarine for two people.


The breathtaking Great Barrier Reef stretches more than 1,400 miles off the coast of Queensland, Australia and is home to more than 1,600 species of fish and 600 different types of coral.

The Stingray submersible by Aquatica Submarines is completely battery-operated and accommodates two passengers and the pilot, who operates the submarine with a controller that easily resembles what you’d play video games with. The sub can dive up to 500 feet, while users can expect around one-fifth of that capacity being reached.

When traveling through shallow waters, you have the chance to see turtles, sharks and rays as its much like snorkeling. Though there are more opportunities to see far more exciting moments as you travel deeper into the channels.

The complex ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef serves as a home, shelter and source of nourishment for sea creatures, however, it is in grave danger due to climate change. And scUber isn’t just about offering a unique experience, so Uber will be donating $100,000 AUD (almost $70,000) to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef in addition to the equivalent value of every scUber ride to support the organization’s conservation initiatives.

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