Nu-Ovo Personal Pod

The NU-OVO is a sanctuary! I just love this little egg-shaped pod. It gives you plenty of personal space to enjoy anything you want to.

We have posted some different types of “pods/personal sanctuaries” in the past few weeks that remind me of this one. First there was the Archipod — backyard office and then there was the hanging lounger Nestrest. The NU-OVO is a level of its very own.

Architect Paolo Maldotti created this cocoon for Tiesettana, an Italian furniture design house. Uovo means egg in Italian. Described as a personal space ‘built around a man’ that allows a variety of different options. Put it in the closet, office, kitchen, living room, patio or dining room. Stylish, elegant and functional!

The egg-shaped pod is divided into 8 different segments, 2 of which are mobile and 6 are fixed. The pieces rest on a metal base that lies on the floor with 8 legs. It is made of veneer and finished with wax. The pod is also weather resistant so it could be used outdoors as well.

What can you do with it? Fill it up with books and a comfy chair and you’ll have your very own personal library. Install a desk, computer and office chair and I give you a mini-office. Or put a giant love-sac in the center and call it a jump house. The possibilities are endless just let your imagination run.

Pricing is available on request, visit Tisettanta for more information.

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