The new Pardo 50 boasts several upgrades from the Pardo 43, yet still incorporates the expected high performance and comfort. The Pardo 43 was a hit from the beginning; 35 yachts were sold within eight months of the power boat’s debut.  It seems the Italian builder will once again have a huge hit with their new Pardo 50, which debuts in September.

Last year’s Cannes Yachting Festival was witness to the launch of the Pardo 43, and a year later Cantiere del Pardo will be launching its larger sibling the Pardo 50 at the same festival.

Expectations for the new Pardo 50 are similar to expectations for the first Pardo 43 due to the new boat successfully fitting into the segment of 15-16 meters, where customer demand is massive.

The open design of the Pardo 43 was passed along to the Pardo 50, giving both luxury boats exceptional feel for day-boating. The two boats feature a sun lounge that fits three people and an additional sunbed in the bow of the boat. The Pardo 50, however, features several new angles allowing the boat to go even farther than before. The V-shaped boat has a 16 degree at the stern and more than 50 degrees in the forward section allowing good maneuverability to plane in safe and fast conditions.

The shape of the settee goes around the dining table and there are three bucket seats at the helm with two topside galley options for preparing meals outside in the beautiful weather. One of the best features is the extremely large interior of the boat. Pardo has made the Pardo 50 into a dream with an interior that features two staterooms and two bathrooms, natural teak floors, high-end seating, and a carbon-fiber hardtop. The interior finish matches perfectly with the rest of the boat’s luxurious craftsmanship.

The galley on board the Pardo 50 is located on the main deck and is also available in two possible locations including the standard location along the side or the second option which is wider and extends over the width of the cockpit. The best part? The swim platform is submersible and two sections of the sides can even tilt downward to create another two platforms. Another main feature on the Pardo 50, in particular, is the ability to install a skipper cabin which was not previously available on the Pardo 43.

The boat is equipped with twin Volvo IPS 600 engines, with available upgrades of the IPS 700 and IPS 800. The Pardo 50 was designed with a smooth-running hull, as mentioned before, with the 16-degree deadrise at the transom and much wider at the bow at 50 degrees which allows the boat to achieve higher speeds in rough water and also allows the boat to go fast through calm water conditions.

The Italian brand paid close attention to every detail including the lines and refined furniture. They used high quality materials amongst the boat for a top-class combination. Each element used was selected from the best brands, and then further analyzed through intensive processing cycles. Together with quality and design, the careful wood choices and the deep care and attention to detail make the interior of the boat a total masterpiece.

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