Space Hotel to Open in 2016

If you still haven’t gotten enough of space travel tourism then listen up. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic was only the beginning. Now we’re talking outer space hotels.

Virgin Galactic is leading the way in space tourism and many others are trying to cash in on the adventurers out there that want to do something a little more daring than cliff diving in New Zealand, a little more wild than an African safari and a little more unique than sailing around the world on a yacht. Following Virgin Galactic we discussed the Bloon that would fly 36 kilometers above the Earths surface for a truly unique view of our planet. Now Russian company, Orbital Technologies, has announced it plans to create a space hotel.

Oribtal Technologies is going to be offering a $1 million vacation plan. The trip to the hotel would take 2 days in a special Soyuz rocket flown by an experienced crew. 7 passengers would be allowed to the hotel at a time and the space hotel itself has 4 cabins reserved for the guests and crew members.

Of course a five-star space vacation like this wouldn’t be complete without food. Special delicacies like potato soup and braised veal cheeks would be cooked on Earth and then flown with the passengers to the hotel.

The guests will experience a weightless vacation and have the choice of using either vertical or horizontal beds in accordance with the personal preference. The hotel would have waste management facilities and water management to make sure that the limited supply is used to its full extent.

With a $1 million dollar price tag I don’t expect to many average-joes are going to be able to afford this space stay but we’ll just have to wait to see how it turns out. The hotel is expected to be finalized and open for visits in 2016.

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