Aston Kutcher’s new $2 Million Luxury Trailer

Now we’ve discussed luxury motor homes before but I think Asthon Kutchers new 2 story, $2 million trailer takes the cake.

It is not uncommon for the super-rich to have a bevy of nice toys including an luxury motor home. But Asthon Kutcher’s new motorhome is beyond luxury, it’s practically a house. “The Heat” Anderson Mobile Estate as it has been called was designed by Anderson Studios just for Mr. Kutcher.

The two story estate cost approximately $2 million. It is 53 feet in length and 17 feet high when the automated double story mechanism is up. Shockingly, the entire process for raising the second story takes only 30 seconds. The luxury trailer is estimated to way around 70 tons. There is a whopping total of 1100 sq ft in the trailer: 603 feet on the main floor and 340 on the upper floor.

The entire trailer itself is quite lavish and Mr and Mrs Kutcher will have no problem relaxing just like at home. There are collapsible oak-wood walls, polished granite, marble countertops and foldable furniture that allow for more space when not in use. There is a living room, 2 bathrooms, bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, conference room and a retractable spiral staircase that connects the upper and lower floors. Of course you cannot relax without the latest entertainment, throughout the vehicle there are 7 plasma screens.

I wouldn’t even think about stealing this thing as it comes with a massive security system too. When someone approaches the sound inside the trailer will lower and the outside cameras will give you a complete 360 degree view of who is outside and what is happening inside.

I wouldn’t mind taking this bad boy for a spin, riding around in this would be like a yacht on land. Now, I wonder what he plans on doing with it. Whatever it is he won’t be able to dodge the paparazzi that’s for sure, it’s not inconspicuous at all.

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