Book a Flight Into Space

Remember how NASA canceled the space program and said were no longer going into space. Well I have news for them, I still can.

Ever since NASA canceled that space travel program I have been kind of depressed. I remember my days as a child staring up at the stars wanting to be an astronaut. What are kids wanting to be now? Oh right, I remember, Real Housewives of Orange County. With the space travel program canceled and my hopes of becoming an astronaut crushed I am forced to seek out other means of space travel. And since the USS Enterprise has not been built yet I am forced to find other accommodations.

These days we actually have a couple of options. While you can’t hop on a rocket ship right this second, space tourism is in the works. .

First up, there is the Virgin Galactic. Virgin Galactic has become NASA’s official sub-contractor. And have said that within six years space travel will be kind of affordable. The Virgin Galactic program just adds to Sir Richard Branson’s awesomeness. I mean the guy is a beast. His airline is pretty sweet, he has some amazing private islands that he has even put up for rent, now he wants us to travel into space and let us not forget that his name starts with the word Sir. Must be good to be Sir Richard Branson.

So if the Virgin Galactic isn’t your cup of tea take a look at Bloon. Bloon is a giant balloon that will be offering space tourism to customers in about 5 years. A seat on Bloon will cost you $156,000. You would only travel up to a height of about 36 kilometers above the surface but that is plenty high enough to see the curvature of the globe and other atmospheric boundaries. The balloon space ride would only last about 2 hours but would indeed be unforgettable and is a big cheaper than a flight on Virgin Galatic.

I cannot wait to book my ride on one of these space adventures and make all of my astronaut dreams come true. So what do you think? Is traveling into space worth the price? Is it something you would want to do?

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