Jimmy Choo iPad Case

Jimmy Choo released an iPad case that is just as sexy their shoes. The outside is calf-hair and leather and comes in leopard print. The inside is line with luxurious suede.

The case is priced at $795 which is a tad steap for an iPad case but it is quite an attractive case. It is made with luxury materials and looks like a little pocketbook.

Jimmy Choo joins a large number of luxury designers who have released iPad cases. A Chanel case will set you back more than $1,500. A Burberry is slightly more affordable at $395 and if you are into Louis Vuitton you can own one of those sleeves printed with the famous LV logo for $409. For a cheaper designer case check out the black leather sleeve from Gucci for $295. Of course, if you really desire a designer iPad case but cannot afford it you can buy a knockoff for about 1/20 the price.

I would rock this Jimmy Choo case if I had the money but it seems like this case might be more geared towards one of those rich women (real housewives of wherever) who buy an iPad, use it the first time and then completely forget they even have it. Ah, the pleasures of being rich.

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