Apple Product Docking Station

JVC isn’t really a high-end brand like Samsung or Sony but they sure do make some innovative things. Take this Apple product docking station for example. It is a complete dock for all of your favorite Apple products including the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

This JVC docking station is awesome. I hate the fact that I have to plug my iPhone and iPad into separate plugs when I go to bed at night. It would be so much easier if I could just have them all in one place. That is why I am glad JVC came up with this Apple docking station. I am kind of surprised Apple didn’t think of it first. With so many Apple products it seems like it would be the smart thing to do.

The docking station isn’t only useful but it is slick and clean just like all of your favorite Apple products. The station consists of the primary docking station and two adjoining speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes while your iPad, iPhone or iPod charges. This would make a great nightstand alarm clock.

The station even comes with a remote control so you can control your products at a distance. The primary dock has multiple stations so you can charge or connect different devices. Along with connecting your Apple products you can also connect a television set or other media player.

The docking station comes in two different versions. UXVJ 3 which runs around $329 or, for an extra $40, the UXJV 5 which comes with an extra USB slot and a CD player. You can purchase the dock from JVC.

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