Who’s in Control of the Republican Party?

With the massive defeat of the Republican party on November 4th, what little remains there are of the Republican party appears to be in crisis.   While there are obviously still Senate and Congressional seats maintaining, and it’s unlikely that the Democrats will get filibuster proof control over the senate, it’s clear that the Republicans are in a weakened state.

The current head of the Republican party, not counting our current lame duck administration, is Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell, who barely managed to hold on to his Senate seat this week.   But McConnell will be relatively lonely in Senate, now that Democrats control 57 seats.  

There is also the popular theory with ultra-conservatives that Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican party.   The idea of putting forward the biggest drag of the McCain campaign as the leader and next presidential hopeful is the exact type of thinking that will send the Republican party further into turmoil.  

I have a unique suggestion for the Republican party, get behind someone with actual popularity.   And push out the type of conservative ideals that will actually help the country, not just the evangelicals.  


There is only one person in the Republican party with the popularity and conservative views that could potentially take the White House in 2012, Congressman Ron Paul.  

For a short time Ron Paul trumped even President-elect Barack Obama in raising money online.   His grassroots support with the young rivaled Obama, and his conservative views would likely satiate the right-wing.  

I’m an independent, so I don’t have a dog in the race between Republican and Democrat, but it seems like the balance is important to maintain.   As rough as an election as this was, I feel cheated on the subject matter.   All the BS talk about terrorist connections, ministers and lapel pins, just left me wondering about the real issues.   I can’t remember a time before this that the economy would sink a Republican.   The fact that George W. Bush has done such a thorough job of sinking this country should not be solely blamed on the Republicans.   Let’s not forget that he had Democrats helping him along the way.

But it also could not be ignored that McCain did vote with the president 90% of the time.   If we wanted a true Maverick for the president, why didn’t we go with the guy the entire party tries to ignore?   Why not go with someone who can tell you in chilling detail about the change he wants to bring?   Why did the Republican party ignore their best chance at the White House, and why do they continue to do so?  

The fact is, there is no way for Barack Obama to live up to expectations.   I feel Obama will be an exceptional president, possibly one of the best in history.   But Democrats eat their own.   And Republicans will be watching everything very carefully.   By 2012, there will still be a call for change in this country, and that is not going to happen with Sarah Palin.   It just came out that she was not aware of which countries were part of NAFTA, and that she didn’t know that Africa was a continent, not a country.   So unless change means dumbing down the White House to the point where George Bush looks like Stephan Hawkings, she should be pushed back into the freak show of Alaska, along with her friend Ted Stevens.  

The Republican party needs to get back on the right track.   Push things like FairTax to President Obama.   Either he will listen and move forward, or he will ignore it, and you can lay claim to a better economic plan.   Either way, it’s a win.

Then of course there is the  possibility  that we may all get to vote online in 2012, click here to see who would have won the election, had we allowed people to vote online this year.


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