Craiglist is Big Pimpin’

In response to law enforcement criticism of their erotic services ads, Craigslist is going to crack down on the section, while making a few bucks.


From now on when a hooker, or her pimp, want to turn tricks through the classified website, they must first provide a working telephone number, and pay a fee with a credit card.

Not to be cynical, but after reviewing the Erotic link under Services in Craigslist Las Vegas, it appears that these women are already giving working telephone numbers.   That’s how guys reach them, so of course they do that.   The fee is new, and no doubt will cut down on the ads, while throwing some cash in Craigslist/eBay pockets.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Craigslist shouldn’t charge.   Craigslist remains one of the most useful free sites on the Web.   I use it for posting jobs, looking for concert tickets, etc…   But it just feels a little wrong that the first time they are going to charge for posting on a national level, it’s for hookers.   And lets not forget that Craigslist is owned by eBay, so eBay is now the biggest pimp in the world.  

Again, I don’t want to sound hypercritical.   I think prostitution should be legal.   People troll Craigslist for sex all the time, so does anyone really care if they are willing to pay cash for it?   I’m just looking forward to seeing Craig Newmark in his big fuzzy hat and pimp stick, pull up at the next conference in a Cadillac filled with ho’s.  

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