What I Like About Chicago

I am doing a multi-city trip right now. I was in Charlotte, now in Chicago. I come to Chicago about 5 -6 times per year. And I actually spent the first 10 years of my life here. Having lived here off and on for a good part of my life, I feel I know the area well. I never really enjoyed living in Chicago, but now that I’m just a tourist, I have grown found of the city.

There are a couple areas where Chicago just can’t be beat. First, there is the food. This trip is killing my diet, and I’ll be so happy to get the hell out of here and back to losing weight. If you’re ever in Chicago, there are a couple places you have to ear at.

Gene & Jude’s Hot Dogs in River Grove is the best hot dog stand on the planet. Do not go in asking for ketchup, it’s wrong and they will just ignore your ignorance. Giordano’s Pizza is the best pizza chain. Everyone has their own preference in pizza, but this is really the best. Portillo’s offers great Italian beef sandwiches, and you can find them all over the area. Chicago is not what I would consider a steak town. They have Morton’s, which is really good, but that’s about it really. One different type item is the Bookbinder soup at the Drake hotel. It’s really incredible, especially on a cold Chicago winter night.

But I wouldn’t recommend the Drake. A bit over hyped to be honest. I recommend the Hard Rock. It’s fairly new, the staff is pretty cool, the rooms are awesome and the location is pretty nice. And 24 hour room service with really good milkshakes.

Besides the food, Chicago has really got everyone beat when it comes to things like 4th of July parties. Maybe I’m just a bit stuck in youth here, but I don’t think anyone celebrates 4th of July quite like Chicago. The burbs all have really nice park areas with great shows and music. It’s really the best summer festival place as a whole. And Milwaukee is fairly close, so their Summerfest event is a nice extra.

The shopping Chicago is nice. And I have to say is my favorite place to do Christmas shopping. Something about the horrible winter adds to the Christmas shopping experience. And Michigan Avenue does have that special feel to me still.

And the Chicago music scene is still awesome. I would say only second best to Austin. But that’s a very subjective thing.

I have become quite found of my old home. It’s very weird, but I really had to leave Chicago to love it.

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