I Installed Parallels

I did a bad, bad thing. As much as I hate Windows, I have always admitted that it’s a necessary evil. So today I installed Parallels on my Mac. There is something so wrong about seeing Windows on a Mac, but it’s needed.

Install was a piece of cake, with the only hiccup coming from the install of Windows itself, which always takes forever. Other than that, no problems.

Ironically after the install, I was at a loss for what I needed Windows for. But I quickly came up with a reason. I installed the software player for PokerRoom.com and played a quick tournament (I got 103 out of 508 players!) and lost $5. I won’t blame that on Microsoft, but I could.

I also got a lot at the Zune. What a piece of crap. I love what Microsoft thinks is important in a player. The only thing I’m a little jealous of is that they will have a subscription option. This is something that I wish iTunes had. I don’t think it should be the only option, but it would be nice to have the option of just paying a flat fee for everything. I’ll just figure out a way around the DRM anyway and rip it, but still would be nice if they offered it.

On the Apple side; I wish they would announce if they are doing this phone or not. I’m really interested in the Blackberry Pearl. It looks really cool. I have always secretly thought about the Blackberry. After a negative experience with the Treo I was turned off to “smart phones” for a while. But this thing looks as good as my Razr, and it has a lot of nice functions. If Apple doesn’t announce an iPhone by the time the Pearl hits Cingular, I’m going to have to pick one up. It’s about time for a new phone.

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