West Virginia Shows Racism Alive and Well

“West Virginia had other things on their mind tonight” – Terry McAuliffe

The above quote came from a member of the Clinton camp as they tout their latest victory in a state filled with the Clinton demographic; uneducated white Americans. How this became the group that supports Clinton is beyond me, other than she is the only white person running in the Democratic primary.

This is of course a big victory for Hillary Clinton, even though she touts how she can win the “big” states and W.V. is clearly a small state. But she looks at it as a symbolic victory. The truth is the math still doesn’t work. She could every remaining state, which she won’t, by this margin and still lose the race. Her fate was sealed back in February.

It seems that some of the more political cautious don’t want to call this particular primary rigged by racism, but I think we all get that feeling. Let’s take a look at the facts:

There has been no real news since North Carolina or Indiana. Between those two states Obama easily won by a double digit lead.

Over 7% of voters voted for John Edwards. I guess we can look at it as the people in West Virginia are too stupid to know that John Edwards dropped from this race month’s ago. But more likely it’s just some rednecks trying to make a point that they only want to vote for a white male.

Over 20% of voters admitted to pollers that race weighed heavily on their voting decisions, and those voters went heavily for Clinton.

Over 50% believed that Barack Obama shared the same views as Rev. Wright. Yet in another poll over 60% believed he was a muslim. There is a little cross over there that can only be explained in that they think that Rev. Wright is a muslim as well. Idiots.

The fact is that West Virginia showed us tonight that racism is alive and well in our country. These are the people that couldn’t really speak to any issues or policies. Their only concern is that a black man is coming close to being president.

I have a quick message for the people of West Virginia. No one cares what you sister marrying mountain dwellers think. There is no educated person in this country that thinks your vote is anything more than the faint echo of a time gone by. When it comes to the general election, go ahead and vote for John McCain and wonder why your sons and daughters are being shipped off to a war no one understands. Keep shopping at Wal-Mart and asking why your jobs are being off-shored. Keep driving gas guzzling trucks and wonder why we need a war for oil, or why weather conditions are getting weird in the world. Keep living in ignorance, the rest of us will take care of things.

For an extra peak into the brilliant minds of West Virginians, check out this Gawker post:


I particulary like this comment from the Financial Times:

“I heard that Obama is a Muslim and his wife’s an atheist,” said Mr Simpson, drawing on a cigarette outside the fire station in Williamson, a coalmining town of 3,400 people surrounded by lush wooded hillsides.”

So, just to get Mr. Simpson’s thinking (if we can call it that) straight, a muslim married an atheist.   Doh’!


  1. LOL this is a pure example of you hang with trash you will become trash!

    I mean seriously Obama said he would not disown Rev. Wright…. a few days later Boom, Rev. Wright is found making whack job comments & having Body Guards supported by Farrakhan….. Only to get disowned by Obama!

    Over all look at the big picture these people have nothing but the media giving them their Ideas!

    Obama should have distanced himself from Rev. Wright along time ago! Then no one would think hes a Muslim…. I like Obamas lapel new pin.

  2. I’m not sure why everyone grabs on to the this guilt by association thing. Why is Obama responsible for what anyone else says in the world?

    Rev. Wright was his former minister. Obama heard the comments he made, renounced them and moved on with his life. He was unwilling to disown someone he knew his entire life because of some comments made. Keeping in mind that this was a family friend, that seems reasonable.

    But then Wright makes some crazy comments and is clearly trying to run his 15 minutes of fame into a book deal, at the expense of the same friend who showed him more loyalty than most. So Obama distances himself from him.

    And just to be clear, Rev. Wright is a Christian minister. I get the feeling that some people aren’t clear about that. No Muslim would be caught dead preaching from the Bible. If there is one thing I’m sure we can agree on is that Muslims tend to be hard core fanatics who are not flexible on their religious views.

    I’m not sure how this should be held against Obama. He reacted the way I would like to think I would react. I have friends who say things I don’t agree with, but I don’t disown them. But if they kept saying those things in public, in an attempt to boost themselves at the expense of my reputation, I would have to reevaluate the friendship.

    Now on the other hand, we have John McCain who once called Jerry Falwell an “agent of intolerance” for blaming 9/11 on “abortionists” and “gays”, but it seems that John McCain can let that go in order to get an endorsement from Falwell. Jerry Falwell, to my knowledge, has never recanted his comments about 9/11, McCain just needs the lunatic vote that Falwell controls.

    The same thing with John Hagee, who thinks Hurricane Katrina was sent by god to kill people for getting ready to have a gay pride parade. Which seems funny because I’m guessing most of the dead had nothing to do with this parade. You would think god would have better aim. Clearly this guy is a complete nut-job, but McCain calls him a great man, hugs him on stage and gets his support for president.

    Then there is John McCain’s own minister who thinks it’s the obligation of American’s to wipe muslims off the planet. Spoken like a true Christian.

    There doesn’t seem to be any real issues with these statements, and that’s primarily because what remains of the Republican party are people who believe this type of crap. Which is why I’m no longer a member.

    If you look at the list of guilt by association attacks, you will see it getting more insane all the time. Former minister, okay sure, let’s look at what he has to say and how Obama responds. But now we have Obama needing to answer for being on the board of a charity that also has a guy who 40 years ago was accused of a crime (never convicted of anything), and being a member of a terrorist organization, of which President Clinton seemed to pardon for their crimes. For some reason Obama has to provide some sort of “answer” for simply meeting this person, who is now a well resected college professor, a couple of times with the charity.

    And latest is the best. John McCain attempting to connect Obama with Hamas by saying that Hamas is “endorsing” Barack Obama. Just to be clear, the member of Hamas that made the comments is a guy who also writes op-ed pieces for the New York Times. He simply mentioned that he thinks Barack Obama has a lot of the same traits that JFK had in unifying people. So I guess he also endorsed Kennedy. Obama has never met this person, has no dealings with this person, or has accepted any sort of assistance from this person, or Hamas. Senator Obama has recognized Hamas as what it is, a group of terrorists that are a threat to an American ally.

    But the stupid of the world figures that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, even when they see the John McCain roadie with the smoke machine.

    If you really want to make the decision on who to support, just ask yourself these questions:

    Do I think we should continue this war with Iraq? It has cost of thousands of lives, over a trillion dollars and much of our resources. We are no closer to catching Osama bin laden than we were 6 years ago, and there were no WMD’s or connection with 9/11.

    Do I want health care available if I can’t get insurance through work or privately?

    Do I disagree with every economist in the country and think the answer to our fuel problems is a gas tax holiday? The oil companies will likely raise the price to compensate, the money will come from our road workers, which will put 300,000 people out of work and worsen the recession.

    Am I happy with the way George Bush has run the country? It seems that John McCain is now content with the way things are.

    These are the policy questions you should be concerned about. As a father of a teenage son, this war concerns me a great deal. We simply do not have enough troops to continue this war. We have soldiers doing 7 – 8 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. A draft is the only way to keep it going, especially if we plan on attacking Iran as well.

    As for the lapel pin, I believe Obama wore it when addressing a group of veterans, which would be appropriate. It’s amazing to me that wearing a pin is somehow a sign of loving this country. I don’t usually put a flag out on the Fourth of July, but I do vote, pay taxes, volunteer, contribute heavily to charities, and get involved in the democratic process. I also served in the military and made direct sacrifices for my country. I’m guessing I have done more than most people who throw up a flag once a year, or put a yellow ribbon on their Suburban.

    Meanwhile McCain won’t even sign the new GI Bill that will let our veterans receive a free college education.

    It would be a nice change of pace to see someone challenge Obama on issues. People should ask themselves why that isn’t happening.

  3. There are Christian nut-bags all over the place Fallwell, Wright and many more, Wright doesn’t help his cause by constantly blaming America for the choices African Americans make, I’m appalled by his comment the US of KKK-A comment he made and Obama should have reevaluated his friendship at that point.

    Obama only took time to reevaluate after the polls showed Rev. Wrights comments were hurting him, If Obama wasn’t running for President it would be a different story.

    None of these candidates have charter & integrity and thats what it takes to get my vote!

    I personally would like a reset of all candidates on the ballot this year. I will also likely write in a candidate or vote none of the above (quote taken from brewsters millions) .

    Elections are media driven, just like it was in West Virginia. Candidates don’t win on what they say, they win on what the media tells the public they say.

  4. There’s not much left to say. If someone really finds Obama responsible for what someone else says, that there is nothing that can be done. People are always going to say things that even as the president, Obama will not be able to control.

    Everyone has to right to vote, or not vote however they want.

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