Installing Google FriendConnect on Drupal and WordPress

Google FriendConnect Example page

Google today announced a pretty exciting product.   FriendConnect will allow you to add some social networking abilities to any website by adding a little Google code.   This could be exciting to any bloggers out there looking to add some basic social networking to their website.

I’m working on a new Drupal system, so I’ll be curious to see how fast someone makes a Drupal module for FriendConnect.   I’m guessing it will be the day after someone makes a FriendConnect Plugin for WordPress.   It seems like Drupal modules are about a day or two behind WordPress plugin development.

FriendConnect of course won’t be a full social network on a website. It will just provide the basic importing of friends through other social networking.   I think it actually represents a bigger deal for Google than website owners.   FriendConnect gives people access to Facebook and MySpace friends, using a Google product.   I wonder how much Facebook is going to like seeing the Google name all over Facebook friends on websites?

FriendConnect is not going to replace things like messaging and forums on websites, which of course is the type of interactivity missing from many blogs still.   But it will provide something that’s a step up from MyBlogLog.

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