Tropical Island Paradise by Yacht Island Designs

Tropical Island Paradise by Yacht Island Design

We have mentioned the many benefits of yacht ownership many times already on Filthy Lucre.   But sometimes a normal yacht just won’t cut it.   You need something even more extravagant.   That’s where Yacht Island Design comes into play.   Their latest design is called Tropical Island Paradise, and it’s amazing.

The concept of Tropical Island Paradise seems to be, why have just a yacht, when you can cruise around in your own island.   The yacht features a beach cove of cabanas on the main deck, with a swimming pool looking like a lagoon in the center.   You could live like Tom Hanks in Castaway, only you would be going somewhere at the same time.

Along with your own beach cover and lagoon, what island would be complete without a volcano (sorry if that sounds a bit racist), and the volcano even shoots lava water, which I assume is just water with red dye, or scolding hot.

There are 4 suits on Tropical Island Paradise, so the Skipper, the Professor, Maryann, Ginger and of course Gilligan can join your bad millionaire self.   Once you get moving on this thing, it’s doubtful you’ll ever want to look back, but if you do, you can look out the back of the glass sided pool.

And it’s doubtful you would ever want to leave this floating island, but if you do, you can exit via helicopter or Jetski.   This may seem extravagant, but let’s face it, you deserve this.

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