Not-So-Super Star Overdose

It seems all the buzz today is about Amy Winehouse; a British singer who died today at around 4pm. Winehouse was at the ripe age of 27. Although many are “so sad,” about the singers death, I stray away from that group of people. In my opinion Winehouse did not have the best vocals or talent at all.

In many cases, it seems death tends to make people more famous than before. Take Van Gogh for example a man whose talent was only truly appreciated after his death. Van Gogh only sold one painting before his death. Unlike Van Gogh, Amy Winehouse’s death fame will soon fade away.

I never believed she had very much talent in the first place. A death is always unfortunate, but considering the claim that she died due to an apparent drug overdose, it was pretty much brought on by herself.

With all due respect and condolences to the Winehouse family for their loss, Amy Winehouse had various issues and incidents with drugs. Most of her inspiration for her songs came from her drug use, and hey that’s what makes a great artist nowadays, right?

There have been recent occurrences where Winehouse was under the influence at some of her tour shows. Whether it is that Winehouse did hard drugs because she was struggling in life or she was attempting to fit in to the music industry, drugs can’t stabilize your life, and obviously, eventually kill you.

Supposedly, Winehouse’s “fame,” was built up during her album Back to Black, which, put nicely, made my ears bleed. I ask myself, “what fame?” What made Winehouse so special in everyone’s eyes; her drug addiction?

My heart sinks when I see how the music industry is becoming more about who you know and what kind of drugs you do, instead of the true talent someone has.

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