Phoenix Escorts

I posted earlier about Scottsdale Escorts, but maybe I should have been a bit more broad and included Phoenix escorts as well.   I mean Scottsdale is the nicer part of the area, but Phoenix is a bit more representative of the area.

Anyway as I was saying, I while back I wrote a post about married men and prostitutes that became very popular.   And I have received hundreds of responses.   But what I found amazing is the amount of responses that came from the Phoenix Arizona area.   More than a few women complained about their husbands heading down to Phoenix, or Scottsdale, to get in a little golf, when in fact they were getting into a little trouble with a Phoenix escort or 2.

I’m not one to judge, but if you’re married, and you tell your wife you are heading down to Phoenix Arizona to do some golfing, and then hook up with escorts and prostitutes, you are belittling your marriage, and the sport of golf.   That’s something you should consider the next time your mind is on getting an escort.

It’s not like Phoenix is the more popular destination in the world, so I started to wonder why prostitution seemed so prevalent in the area.   Having lived in Phoenix for a short time, I did come one hypothesis.   Phoenix, Tempe technically, is home to Arizona State University (ASU) which is the school with arguably the hottest students in the country.   So maybe it’s all the hot, struggling college students wiling to do what it takes to earn another semester at ASU that makes the area so ripe with pretty escorts.

Or it could just be that old guys like to golf and get hookers.   I don’t know.   All I know if that Phoenix escorts are in high demand, and the supply seems to be keeping up.


  1. Ed–lots of older, wealthy men in AZ. Escorts travel to where the money is. Young guys can have sex with attractive young women without laying out 500/600 bucks an hour. They couldn’t afford it, anyway. I also associate high use of prostitutes with religious and political conservatism. A friend who used to work as a reporter here in Chicago said that the Promise Keepers convention made the hookers jump for joy.

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