Brunch in Vegas just got a whole lot tastier, thanks to Sadelle’s luxurious New York City brunch arriving in Sin City. Though any eggs will do after a fun night out in Vegas, and there are many places that provide a nutritious buffet brunch, in addition to bottomless mimosas made with some off-brand sparkling wine, that’s still not enough for Major Food Group.

Restaurateur Jeff Zalaznick and Chefs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi brought Sadelle’s to the Strip, replacing the  two-decade-old Café Bellagio. “We wanted to take the idea of an all-day café, which is a little stale and nondescript, give it life and some identity,” Carbone tells Robb Report.

Similar to many other restaurants Major Food Group runs, Sadelle’s is an ode to a significant time and place in New York City. The luxury restaurant is an interpretation of the appetizing shop, in which Jewish immigrants opened across the city in the early 1900s.

“For the Sadelle’s in Vegas we take our cue from the anchor restaurant you’d have in a grand European hotel,” Carbone says. “The backbone is tremendous attention to detail put forth to make everything from scratch every day. Every piece of bread, every pastry, bagels, sauces, salads, everything is made from scratch, the way it should be done.”

Upon arrival you’ll see a beautiful bakery cart displaying the house-made sweets, such as chocolate babka and sticky buns to welcome you into the restaurant. Some items featured on the breakfast menu include caviar-topped eggs Benedict, towers of smoked fish with all the accoutrements, cheese blintzes, and we can’t forget about the roaming Bloody Mary cart, used to mix drinks for you tableside. Not to fret, there will be plenty of tableside service such as chopped salads  and whole lobsters deshelled right in front of you.

Not only are the chefs creating magnificent food, but the sights are just as enticing. Working alongside designer Ken Fulk, Sadelle’s built an extravagant dining room with eye-catching emerald sofas throughout the lounge, coffered ceilings, wood tables, brass accents and much more. Salmon colored tuxedo jackets with baby blue shirts and green ties outfit the staff. “It’s all the colors of Sadelle’s and I think it’s a fun and impressive throwback,” Carbone says.

Sadelle’s in Las Vegas will be open 18 hours a day, meaning Carbone and Torrisi will be expanding the menu from the original New York City menu. It will not be limited to brunch, in fact, there will be dishes added such as rib eye  covered in smothered onions and grilled branzino with meyer lemon. “We’re making sure we do a Sadelle’s approach to making dishes that you crave in an all-day restaurant.”

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