HP just released a monster 65-inch gaming display, called the HP Omen X 65 Emperium, which will become available in February for $5,000. While it could be used to watch reruns of your favorite TV show, this display is one of the first in Nvidia’s family of Big Format Gaming Displays, providing “the best gaming experience through the smoothest motion. Unlike traditional large displays, the HP Omen X Emperium is certified by Nvidia.

Nvidia announced last summer its intentions to work with several manufacturers to produce more of these gaming displays. While this is one of the first to be announced and it does cost quite more than similar-sized, traditional TV displays, it’s expected that a large variety of gamers will likely purchased the TV, based off the incredible picture.

Located within the Emperium is a Nvidia chipset with Nvidia’s G-Sync HDR technology. The technology syncs with a Nvidia GPU in a computer to guarantee a proper refresh rate, resulting in sharper images, more fluid and free of lagging.

The display utilizes HP’s Quantium Dot technology, one of the best available for a desktop monitor. It even includes a DCI-P3 95%, further meaning its capable of displaying a massive amount of the color spectrum. “The display packs a resolve rate of 144Hz — and since this display is more monitor than TV, I’m inclined to believe the claim,” writes TechCrunch.

Other traditional large displays from companies such as Samsung, LG and many others, often claims that their displays contain a quick refresh rate of  240Hz or higher. And while this may be somewhat true – only due to the software enhancements – this can typically create a terrible image.

As if things couldn’t get better, Nvidia’s Shield TV software pack is built-into the display, providing owners access to almost every streaming service, in addition to a wide-range of games. A soundbar is also included with the display for obvious reasons – quality sound is just as important as quality images.

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