Obama’s Faulty Plan for Jobs

Whenever elections draw near, I find myself contemplating the legitimacy of all of the  candidates; Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. As sad as it may be, it feels as though no politicians can be fully trusted anymore.

The people who we solely rely on to protect our freedoms can barely be honest with us? Shameful, in my opinion.

To be quite honest it makes me not even want to vote. The right that Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for with great effort, is meaningless if no canidates can even be honest as to whom they are.

Every day I hear politicians and their administrations promote themselves. I don’t care who they claim to be; I care about how everyone else feels about their experiences with the politician.

Various citizens feel as though the Obama Administration is perhaps as curropt as the Nixon Administration was. Times have changed, technology is at its peak and entrepeneurs are crowding indutries.

However, Politicians have stepped in places we never imagined. Political Curroption is destroying America. We are destroying ourselves!

“Obama for America,” or Obama against America?   Obama’s recent $447 Billion plan to create new jobs seems brilliant from the outside perspective. However, I am not as easily convinced.

Obama claims the benefits, money, and effort put into this plan will outweigh the extreme amount of money required to follow through with the plan.

Obama is sadly mistaken and could possibly cause America even more debt and a lovely increase in taxes. After all, American’s love taxes! I mean we only fought for taxation without representation in our Declaration of Independence, but what does Independence matter anymore? Were just a forming colony for China.

The only plan Obama needs to create in regards to jobs, is a plan that disallows American companies from hiring overseas operators and engineers. He needs to help preserve American jobs. I’m not sure if Obama has noticed, but people are still losing jobs. America needs to focus on bringing back jobs taken overseas and preserving jobs still existent.

That in itself will help rebuild America, not spending more money. Besides wanting to put America in to a larger pit hole, “This proposal is really not credible,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Although Republicans are not my most favored party, but neither are liars, criminals, and Presidents heading America towards a whirl wind of debt. It seems they have became a Political party all their own.


  1. I hear you Amber, but here’s an article about the impact of the last government measure from a former vice chairman of the federal reserve:

    “When all is said and done, the financial and fiscal policies will have cost taxpayers a substantial sum, but not nearly as much as most had feared and not nearly as much as if policy makers had not acted at all,”

    Scholars disagree about impact, but I’d rather have evidence to support my views than how some people “feel” someone is corrupt

  2. Amber tells its stright. I like her thoughful insights. Fresh young ideas. Thats what this country truly needs. Change can take time or happen quickly. jlouis

  3. Hey, I just found this article so I’m a bit late with my comment but just have to say this…Are ya freakin’ kidding me? Everyone does realize that Mr. President cannot just wave a magical-wand and poof jobs appear? This country started out as industrial, what the hell has happened to that? Let’s see… During the 1980’s when I was an adolescent and Reagan was in office, he allowed a great many of our industrial factories to move to China, so that the stockholders could bank more profit because they didn’t have to pay the unskilled Chinese near as much money, AND they got tax-breaks for doing so; that kept happening with both Bushes and Clinton too. It is not Obama’s fault that we have no job industry. I do notice how it wasn’t such a big deal until he took office. How many factories in major cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburg, Gary (IN), and I could go on and on and on with the names, shut down, putting hundreds and thousands out of work, and MOVED TO CHINA, long before Obama took office, and nobody bitched when they was leaving. We get all our cheap plastic crap from China and this is exactly what this country has become–cheap and plastic. Now look, most of our manufacturing jobs are in the East, we owe China trillions of dollars and there is no end insight to that one.
    I noticed you’re young, so take this advise, before you start spoutting off at the mouth about Obama’s lack of a magical-wand, do your homework and look into the real problem. It is going to take a lot more than some Bill in Congress to create jobs. Which by the way, Obama has tried to create new jobs, he’s proposed at least two Bills for job growth that the Republican-run Congress has smacked down. So huh, how about a little credit where it’s due because at least this President is trying to do right by the American people. Think about this, do you really think that Romney sympathizes with middle-class American’s? For land’s sake he wants to put an elevator in his garage for his cars. Yeah, that’s just super practical. Very “moderate” don’t you think?

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