The Sugar Daddy Solution

In today’s economy, it’s hard to create a life for yourself based on a minimum wage job.

Although the minimum wage was created to ensure a better life for Americans, it’s not always the exemplary choice in some people’s views. A great deal of Americans struggle to make minimum wage and barely make ends meet.

As a college student I understand how difficult it is to work a minimum wage job, go to school, buy food, buy necessities, do homework, pay rent, buy books, and pay car payments.

Over the past couple years, college students have discovered that the adult industry has been a relief to their money issues. Students have found various ways in the adult industry to pay back loans for school or pay for any other basic need of a college student.   The “Sugar Daddy Solution,” is becoming a fad for college students across America.

It seems as though students looking to find a job in the adult industry most commonly end up escorting or seeking sugar daddy’s. Finding a job in the adult industry is not always on purpose. Chloe, a “pro girlfriend,” states that she found her arranged relationship on “accident.”

Chloe had been working at Buffalo Wild Wings in Las Vegas, when her car broke down and “needed a new alternator and starter which was going to cost about $1500.”

Chloe had found herself on craigslist looking for a more beneficial job. Unfortunately it’s hard to find a job that pays more without a degree. Chloe was embarrassed to say that she wandered off into the adult section of craigslist. She viewed ads for hookers, strippers, and porn stars. She realized she did not want to do any of those jobs.

Although she wasn’t interested in becoming Vegas’s next big strip show, she continued to view the adult section. Soon an ad for a “pro girlfriend,” appeared. Chloe wasn’t completely sure about what a “pro girlfriend,” was exactly, but was open to finding out about how it worked.

Chloe met up with the man who posted the ad on craigslist. While Chloe was 18 and still adapting to life on her own, he was 50. The first day Chloe and him met he immediately fixed her car, after a nice lunch of course.

According to Chloe there are many benefits to her arrangement. Not only is money a benefit, but Chloe has benefited in various ways. Chloe went from being as desperate as looking in the adult section on Craigslist, to earning a 3.8 GPA at the University of Las Vegas and establishing a stable life for herself.

Although her arranged boyfriend does receive sex, it is not the only way he benefits from the relationship. Chloe says she has helped him become a healthier person, supports his ideas, and his over all well-being.

Some might say that having an arranged relationship may be the same thing as becoming a prostitute. Prostitution is pretty straight forward; you have sex for money. Chloe does not consider herself only having sex for money. Chloe and her arranged boyfriend have established an actual relationship, and support each other’s wants and dreams, something most people in a relationship don’t even accomplish.

What’s not to love? Love and Money are things people search for the most and now it’s just a click away on craigslist. It seems simple, become a “pro girlfriend,” make good money, pay your bills, go to college, receive stability. It seems like the perfect fantasy. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

According to Chloe she’s making over $100 grand a year just by being a “pro girlfriend.”Chloe receives “$1,000 in cash a week, rent for her townhouse, about $1,500 a month, about a thousand a month for a clothing expense, payment of her BMW and her insurance.”

Chloe has created a good savings account for herself,   established rental properties, has no student debt, and is financially stable.

I always hear people talking about how prostitutes make a lot of money. It seems as though it depends on the type of business you are in, within the adult industry. In my opinion being a prostitute or stripper is not the dream job I fantasize about. although Chloe’s relationship with her arranged boyfriend makes me reconsider the aspects of having an arranged relationship.

When I look at all the aspects of the adult industry, I see drugs, violence, and unstable people. When I look at escorts and arranged relationships compared to prostitution, stripping, webcam models, and porn stars, it’s easy to differentiate.

The stability and safety of having a “sugar daddy,” or “arranged relationship,” is far from the position a prostitute working in the middle of the night on dangerous streets would have.

Although I don’t personally agree with the Adult industry overall, Arranged relationships seem like the most logical way to have a job in the adult industry. People in arranged relationships are not prostitutes, strippers, or porn stars. “Pro girlfriends,” hardly consider themselves part of the adult industry. They are people striving to have a better life and perhaps create a lifelong relationship and promote stability within each other.

A huge variety of dating websites for wealthy men and women are sprouting across the internet, and creating a higher demand for wealthy people in the dating life.

Dating is now considered a sub category for the adult industry all thanks to the idea of pro girlfriends/boyfriends, arranged relationships, and escorts. and are only a few out of the many growing sugar daddy websites.

To be quite honest, it’s difficult for me to distinguish the difference between having a sugar daddy and an arranged relationship. I would much rather be honest as to why I’m with someone and have them support my decisions, then fake love with someone for their money.

It would be nice to extinguish both options and the sex industry overall, but unfortunately desperate times call for desperate measures, and someone has to keep the porn business going for all those demanding late night viewers.

Perhaps there were other routes a person in an arranged relationship could have taken, but if working in the adult industry is someone’s “only option,” becoming a pro girlfriend seems like the best choice.


  1. Sugar daddies can be really disgusting, too. They fart and visit the crapper alot for one and have geriatric issues, not to mention their energy level. Sure it’s less hit or miss than being say a web cam girl. But they are old and undate-able for a reason and you’ll quickly find out why. Are the sugar babies free to date others? If it’s exclusive one is basically selling their freedom. That can be a real mind fuck later down the road. I don’t think it is worth it. School can be a sham, too. $40K, $50K, $100K student loan debt. Just who is getting all that money? See all the stories on the current Occupy blogs. Sobering stuff. Have been in both places. Both shams.

  2. IMO Chloe is a prostitute and this should be illegal. Most of these old guys are married and these whores are ruining life’s. I was with my Girl friend for 2 years before finding out that she was all over these sugar daddy websites. She had multiple sugar daddies over the 2 year period. She was having unprotected sex with these guys who were all married ranging in age from 50-70 years old. I am 29, good looking, I am a self made multimillionaire, but I wont pay a girl to be with me. I don’t know how these girls can do it. These guys are fat and disgusting. Now my ex girlfriend, I have discovered that she is all over the internet because she let one of the 70 year olds video tape their acts for a little extra cash. Why don’t these skanks just get jobs like normal people. Oh ya, she has a 7 year daughter too. What is her kid gunna think in a few years when her and her friends see mommy on the internet getting banged for cash by a 70 year old man and having threesomes? Not to mention how this would effect a custody battle. All for what? so you can buy some cool shit? Anyway, I guess money can buy you whatever you want, well besides self respect.

  3. You guys are retarded. The first line of this column talks about the tough economy. These girls can’t get good paying jobs so they have to do what they have to do. They would rather sleep with a few old married men who will keep it a secret than work in the strip club or be an escort. If I was a semi hot 20 something and I was too stupid to get a real job I would much rather spread em for a few old dirty men who will keep my secret and only take a few hours a week of my time than be working the pole every night for a bunch of one dollar bills. Its not ideal, and I’m sure these girls have to get good and drunk or pop a bunch of pills in order to stomach having some fat pig breathing heavy on top of them but again, they have to do what they have to do and its as long as there are old men willing to part with their money these girls will always have a Job. We should praise these old men for stimulating the economy. How else would these girls be able to afford their BMW’s and Loboutin heels. We all know they don’t wanna spend the money on their wife’s, that would be just stupid.

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