Habitat Furnishings Latex Mattress Review

I’m hard on beds.   The fact that I’m overweight has always meant that I need an extra firm mattress.   I have tried various types, and bent burnt more than a couple times.   The Temporpedic bed was awful for me, anything with a pillow top turns into torture, and even decent brands can be challenged.  

After some research I started looking into latex mattresses.   They can be pricey, but the upside is that they don’t rut or wear out like other mattresses, and they can be extra firm.   That’s when I came across Habitat Furnishings.   They seem to be one of the better rated brands in the natural latex mattress space.

Note I said natural latex, as this appears to be a real distinction, especially in price.   Of course I like the idea of being green, and there appear to be other advantages to natural latex, so I would like to go down that road.

I spoke to a couple people at Habitat Furnishings, and they were extremely helpful.   They even explained that they could bump up their latex formula for me to make the mattress about 20% firmer.   That sounds like it would be ideal.

The only thing hold me back is the price commitment for a bed I have never had the chance to try out.   It would be great to lay down on one before plopping down $3k for one.   I’m 80% certain this would be the best choice, but a $3k mistake is going to burn.

Also, I started looking around Amazon and found a line of latex mattresses for significantly less, and I mean like 75% less, significant. The Ultimate Dream line on Amazon has what appear to be great reviews, although they all seem very recent, so of course I become a little suspicious.   It’s possible these have been padded, but seems unlikely.   The issue is that these don’t appear to be natural latex.   Like I said, being green is important to me, but I’m not sure I even understand the impact of non-natural latex.

So I’m going to put some thought into this.   In the mean time, if anyone has any reviews on either Habitat Furnishings natural latex mattresses, or the Ultimate Dreams latex mattress, please let me know.

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