Las Vegas Escort

Las Vegas Escort in Room

It’s a little known fact that prostitution is actually illegal in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, one of the groups most vocal in the fight to legalize prostitution in Las Vegas is the ACLU. The ACLU’s stance is that Las Vegas promotes the idea of prostitution in it’s ads, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, so arresting someone for getting a prostitute in Las Vegas is paramount to entrapment.

Of course getting a Las Vegas escort is legal, as well as an “in-room dancer”, which of course leads to personal conversations that may, or may not, lead to the activity one is seeking.

There is of course legalized prostitution in Nevada, but it’s in the smaller areas where brothels like The Bunny Ranch flourish and provide in-house talent.

But the fact that one cannot walk down the strip without being handed cards featuring scantly clad Las Vegas escorts, or even a mobile billboard featuring a trio of attractive young women who will come to your room, for a fee of course.

With Las Vegas facing a sever economic crisis, the legalization of both marijuana and prostitution have been growing topics. There’s no doubt that both industries could bring in significant tax and tourists dollars. As of right now, there is not regulation on a Las Vegas escort, nor any special taxation.

With the fact that online gambling is now legal in Las Vegas, one cannot help but wonder how long before the powers that be take advantage of the Las Vegas perception and legalize both pot and prostitution.

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