Limited Edition Polaroid On Sale

I miss the days of the polaroid. They made taking photos so easy. Now-a-days it’s all about getting the right lighting and framing the subject properly and don’t even get me started on all the post-processing it takes to get a decent image. Lucky for me the wonderful Photojojo restored just 50 of the Polaroid SX-70’s that Polaroid stopped manufacturing in 1977.

If you are a vintage camera lover, like myself you will want to get one of these and quick. There are only 50 available. Photojojo has restored them and selling them for $300 apiece. The film costs $22.00 for 8 exposures. The next release is due mid-October.

The cameras are said to be in perfect working condition and come in specially made packages made by Kate Bingman Burt.

While this Polaroid might not take over every aspect of your photography it would be a nice addition for any collector. You can buy it at Photojojo.


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