13 Funny Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter has become a staple of our society. I cannot even watch the news without getting bombarded by peoples tweets. Newscasters now like you to tweet your responses and they may just read them on air. Celebrities and even celebrity dogs have twitter accounts, we are living in a world obsessed with social networking. I spent countless hours scouring Twitter to find the most humorous and amusing Twitter backgrounds I could find. I give you the funniest backgrounds on Twitter.  

1. Chris Pirillo

Ah, Chris Pirillo, technology enthusiast and professional nerd. He doesn’t waste any time wowing you with a special Twitter background, he just lets you know how it is.

2. Wardere

Why is this so funny? See post here.

3. Michael Ian Black

Now I had no idea who this guy was before I saw his Twitter background and I still don’t, but that doesn’t really matter to me. Unicorns and rainbows and dragons, oh my!

4. Jon Pudny

The nerd in me is just forced to love this Photoshop background.

5. Praveen

And another Photoshop background.

6. Steve Agee

I just have to love people who use funny pictures of themselves as their Twitter background.

7. Jason Sweeney

I have been looking at this background for several hours now and I still have no idea what is going on here.

8. Ed Shull

Our very own Ed Shull has made the funny twitter background list. Now, you may not be able to see it at first but if you have a wide enough monitor or you zoom the page out enough you may just spot a friendly little bunny on the right hand side.

9. Jim Carrey

You have to love Jim Carrey, he does everything with style. His Twitter is no exception. I give you what I like to call the Jim Canary.

10. Chris Cooley

Chris Cooley is a professional football player that also owns a pottery shop… I was a big confused when I saw his Twitter, football on one side, pottery on the other. At least he is not afraid to show he has a softer, more sensitive side.

11. Paul Scheer

Paul is a pretty funny guy and while his Twitter background is just an advertisement for NTSF:SD:SUV:: I find it amusing, finger gun and all.

12. Michael McKean

Doesn’t even need a description.


13. Megan Amram

What a disaster. I could imagine this being one of those backgrounds you posted when you accidently selected the bad picture instead of the good one.

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