Send Large Email Attachment with Great Big Mail

You need to send your boss the designs for the new company website. Normally you could just transfer these files over the company network or hand him a USB stick but he is traveling and needs those files within the hour. Time for plan C, you open your email and attach the designs. A box pops up telling you the files are too big totaling around 2.8 gigabytes! What do you do?

Chances are we have all been in this scenario a few times in our life. Traditionally you sign up for a subscription to a third party service, download software, and perform a complicated series of tasks. All to send one single file. One file that would have taken seconds if it had been small enough for email. Great Big Mail, a new email attachment service, eliminates the hassle of sending large files to people over email. The service is simple yet extremely useful.

The process is simple. Step 1, go to and tell them your email address and the email address you wish to send the file or files to. Step 2, use their file selection tool to attach the desired files and wait for them to upload to the GBM server. Step 3, pay a small fee (less than $1) to GBM to cover the storage and bandwidth fees. Within seconds your recipient will receive an email containing a link to download the files. It’s that simple.

GreatBigMail is perfect for anyone who needs to quickly deliver large digital files to other people. Additional options are available such as multiple simultaneous recipients, additional storage fees for extra large files, and password protected files to keep your files safe and accessible only to those who know the password. GBM is great for file formats that are typically large such as video, artwork, CAD, and zip.

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