Obama Gets Some Swag

Let’s face it, Obama may have won, but he won a crap job.   The world is in total chaos, the economy is crashed, and of course we have those pesky wars to deal with.   We’ll see how those six pack abs and that constant smile hold up after four years of being commander and chief.   Hell, look at George W. after 8 years, and he didn’t even seem to give a shit.

But there is one big perk to being the President of the United States, besides the power, all the cool free stuff.   First off, you get free rent on a pretty sweet pad.   Several pads actually.   You get the private plane, the tank/limo, and your own entourage.   But it’s the gifts that you get to take home with you when you’re done that are the real perks.

And to that end, Obama got his first.   Congress all chipped in (well, they didn’t actually pay any money, the company donated it), to get the president-elect a nice crystal bowl with an etching of the White House, with a couple cherry trees.   This is a one-of-a-kind crystal bowl from Lenox that weighs nearly 8 pounds, and has the inscription “Barack H. Obama, The Presidential Inauguration, January 20, 2009”.   It was designed by the famous glass cutter Timothy Carder.

First off, you know there were some republicans that wanted to put his full middle name on this thing.   Second, 8 pounds is way to big for a cereal bowl, although it might make a pretty good ashtray.   Of course Obama says he’s quitting, but now that he is the most powerful man in the world, who is going to enforce that?

To be honest, this thing has eBay written all over it.   Supposedly the crystal bowl has a value of $2,500, but I bet if he made Sarah Palin Secretary of eBay, he could pull out an even $3k on this thing.   You betchya!  

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