Alicia Mae Herrera is a Lousy Parent

Houston, TX— On Friday evening police were called into a Texas City bar after receiving complaints about an inebriated female.   Upon arrival, police discovered Alicia Mae Herrera, 22, severely intoxicated and requiring physical assistance from two patrons at the bar who were keeping the woman from collapsing or falling over drunk.   Concerned for Herrera’s well-being, an ambulance was called so that Herrera could be observed at a local hospital.   Herrera, in her intoxicated state, never mentioned the two-year-old child she had left sitting in the back seat of a locked car just outside the Texas City Bar in the parking lot.

Roughly an hour after the police’s initial response, they received a second call from the same Texas City bar; the call came from concerned patrons who had spotted the child, strapped into a carseat in the backseat of a vehicle and alone.   Shortly after their return, the police found out the young girl belonged to Herrera; CPS was called, and Herrera’s vehicle was towed, but not before nearly fifteen ecstasy pills were found inside the vehicle.   CPS eventually released Herrera’s daughter to her grandparents, and after Herrera was examined at the hospital she was immediately arrested, jailed, and her bond was established at $6000.   Herrera was officially charged with drug possession and child endangerment.

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