Charlie Myers Killed Jennifer Nelson

Dayton, OH — Charlie W. Myers, 22, broke into the home of Eddie and Jennifer Nelson on a Friday, while Eddie was at work and Jennifer, as well as the couple’s son, Will, were at home.   Myers shot and killed Jennifer Nelson in front of their young son, stole several items and kidnapped the boy while driving off with one of the Nelson’s vehicles.   After heading toward Columbus on I-70, Myers dropped Will off at a rest stop, and drove away.

Judith and Mike McConnell, a couple from Maryland, happened to stop at the same rest stop that evening when they saw Will appearing confused, lost, and upset.   The couple questioned the boy.   Mike McConnell started talking with the boy when Will explained that a stranger had broken into his home and shot his mother.   The police were called.   Sheriff Phil Plummer of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was impressed with Will; quite knowledgeable, he also informed the McConnell’s about his home address, contact number, and was even able to provide police with an description of the killer.

A week prior to the crime, Myers had stolen the Nelson’s other vehicle from a parking garage.   Police surmise that he got the Nelson’s address from documentation within the stolen vehicle and went to the location to steal more.   By Sunday, the stolen vehicles were recovered and information led local police to Myers.   Myers has admitted his involvement in the crime but offers no remorse.   He is being retained at Franklin County Jail in Ohio under the suspicion of aggravated murder.

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