Danny Platt Murdered His Own Little Boy

New Orleans, LA — About two and a half years ago, Daniella Powell and Danny Platt had a son named Ja’ Shawn.   Danny Platt had no interest in being a father and did not have any visitation with Ja’ Shawn, but the law demands that Platt pay child support for Ja’ Shawn whether he participated in his life or not.   On December 4, Platt was ordered by a child support court judge to pay a total of $446 for child support in addition to $4,000 in arrears.   Platt blamed Daniella Powell for the child support debt incurred and decided to do something about it.

Friday Platt decided to take Ja’ Shawn for a visit over the weekend for the very first time, but not because he wanted to strengthen the father-child bond.   Two hours after Platt picked up Ja’ Shawn, Daniella Powell got a disturbing call stating “Your son’s been kidnapped,” and the call disconnected.   The police were called immediately.   Platt explained that three, unidentified black males possessing AK-47s mistakenly assumed that Platt was a man named “Johnny,” demand owed money and kidnapped Ja’ Shawn, driving off in a Chevy Tahoe or similar vehicle.   An announcement of the abduction was issued and a search conducted where the alleged crime took place.   At a nearby playground, Ja’s Shawn’s lifeless body was discovered; police, not buying Platt’s nonsensical story, arrested him and he has been charged with the murder of his son.


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