Jamie Lockhart Stabbed His Own Baby

Waterloo, IA — On January 1, at 3:15 pm, 911 received a called reporting the stabbing of an infant.   Jennifer Lockhart, the infant’s mother, made the initial call to 911 reporting the crime in the late afternoon on New Year’s Day.   James Lockhart, just eight days old, was found stabbed and bleeding upon the arrival of first responders on the scene, and Jamie Lockhart, the boy’s father was found with the child’s blood on his hands.   Both physical evidence and statements from eye witnesses have confirmed Jamie Lockhart’s involvement in the child’s injuries and have led to his arrest; charged with attempted murder, Lockhart currently sits in Black Hawk County Jail with a $200,000 bond.  

The injured infant was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, stabilized, and then subsequently transferred to the University of Iowa Hospitals located in Iowa City.   Still in the hospital, little James has stabilized and luckily, is expected to make a full recovery.   Three other children, as well as the infant child, belonging to Jamie and Jennifer Lockhart have been removed from the couple’s home by Iowa DHS and are currently in the custody of the state pending further investigation into the incident.


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