Jason Arias Beats Children

Provo, UT— While child-sitting on December 30 for his girlfriend, Jason Arias, 23, severely beat and injured a 23-month-old baby.   At 8 pm, Arias contacted the child’s mother at work and told her that the child had accidently fallen off the table and that the child was not well.   According to Arias, the 23 month old was a bit sleepy and had a fresh bruise on his forehead.   When the child’s mother came home from work she found that the child was extremely lethargic but did nothing to address the child’s potential injuries.

The child’s condition worsened the following day when he began vomiting, and the child’s mother brought the child to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.   Upon examination the child was found with hand-shaped and fist shaped red marks on his face and abdomen, and bruises were located on his abdomen, buttocks, and head.   The child also had a scab located above his right eye: the bruises were fresh and no more than 24 hours old.   The child’s mother asserted that the scab over the toddler’s eye came from an accident with a sibling but that the bruises were new to her.   Arias admitted he had struck the child, and asserted that he open-handedly smacked the child two times, spanked him severely, and punched the child in the abdomen.   Arias was immediately arrested, sits in the Utah County Jail, and has a cash-only $25,000 bail set.   No further updates on the child’s condition are available at this time.


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  1. You guys suck! Doesn't anyone even proof read what you write? Anyway, do you know anything about this kid other than what the papers report? Maybe if you really cared about what happened and wanted to do some serious blogging, you would take the time to learn more than what you picked up from the papers. Maybe the mother is a slut that had no business expecting a 23 yr old kid who wasn't even the father to take care of her kids for her. Maybe just maybe, the mother has been reported to child services for beating her kids and neglecting them herself, but what does that matter to you guys, you just like to pick on those that can't defend themselves on your POS blog.

    • Allow me to answer your questions behalf of everyone here.

      No, we do not investigate beyond what the papers report, we are not journalist.

      No, I don't think the sexual promiscuity of the mother has anything to do with this story.

      No, I don't think that because Jason Arias is not the child's father, that it's okay to beat the child.

      No, I don't think the fact that the mother may have been reported to child services has anything to do with with the facts.

      We don't pick on anyone, we just relayed what we read elsewhere. If someone would like to rebut what we have posted, they can feel free to post a comment. And if they want to be taken seriously, they may want to use a real name.

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