Taping Rape

Santa Ana, CA — Videotape can prove to be some of the most solid evidence offered in a criminal case.   Last week an anonymous individual provided the Tustin, CA police with a videotape which revealed a rape being committed by John Paul Foster II, 22, and two Santa Ana College football players, Michael Alexander Clemmons, 19, and Luster Mitchell Lewis, 20.   The 19 minute long tape revealed an unconscious, 18 year-old woman being repeatedly attacked by all three men.   Foster initially video Clemmons and Lewis and later handed off the camera to one of the other men so he too could physically participate in the crime.

The crime occurred in July, in a hotel located in Orange county and it is not known whether the victim was purposefully drugged or passed out from partying.   All three of the men are seen smacking the woman, pinching her nose closed and yelling at her to “wake up.”   The woman in the video was later identified and notified about the taped incident.   All three men were charged with six counts of sexual assault and rape and have pleaded not guilty; all three are also being detained with $100,000 bail set for each.


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