Heather Best is a public menace

Provo, UT— Last Saturday, Heather Lynn Best, 33, lost control and destroyed her home; breaking items and overturning other objects.   Not satisfied with the destruction of her own property, Best then proceeded to horrify the neighbors when she ran nude through the neighborhood in below freezing temperatures.   Best proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs and to bang on the neighbor’s doors and windows; she even went as far as entering a neighbor’s house, taking the neighbor’s belongings and flinging them into the air from the balcony.   Unfortunately, this sad state of affairs occurred within the view of Best’s 6-year old child too.

Police tracked Best down and when they attempted to restrain her, Best decided to bite one of the officers in the upper thigh region.   The bite was severe enough to break through the officer’s skin.   Best has been arrested and is presently facing a number of charges including assault on an officer, being intoxicated in public, possession of meth, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest as well as child abuse and criminal mischief.   The six year old has been removed from Best’s home, and Best remains in jail with a $7,500 bond set.


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Idahoa – Idahoa A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.

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