Stripper Gets Nailed by IRS

Poor Stephanie Antes.   A single mom, working the poll to support her kids, and now nailed by the IRS for tax evasion.   It seems Stephanie failed to report the $80,000 a year she was making giving happy dances, to the IRS.   We all know how the IRS hates to be excluded, so they are going after her hard.

Some say Stephanie is also in a little trouble for declaring her kids on her taxes, when in fact it was her baby daddy who had custody.   I can’t verify that though.   It does look like someone dropped dime on Stephanie, who dances at Rick’s Cabaret in Minneapolis, Minnesota.      

I hate to see strippers stripped of their hard earned cash that I gave them.   So everyone should head on over to Rick’s Cabaret and order up a couple dances with Stephanie Antes, and tip well.   She has kids that she doesn’t pay for.  

Good luck taking care of this Stephanie.   The worst that will happen is that you may be shaking your money maker for Uncle Sam for the next few months.  


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