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The iPhone is quickly becoming one of the most desired phones in the U.S. Touch screen phones are clearly the phone of the future because every cell phone carrier now has one. The iPhone is still smoking the competition but there are a few ways that the iPhone could be improved, or any touch screen for that matter. Here are some of the features that I wish my iPhone (or any other iPhone competitors) came with without any hacking or applications.

Multiple voicemail greetings. I love the video voicemail feature but I really wish I could record multiple voicemail greetings that I can change for different occasions. This would be a great feature for the average business man/woman. It would be wonder if we could take it one step further and actually play certain voicemail greetings for certain people.

Youtube login. I am a huge fan of YouTube and I use it often. I have a lot of subscriptions that I like to check daily. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t allow me to actually login to my YouTube account. I would really like to see this feature integrated into future releases of the iPhone.

Landscape mode for everything. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this feature request. It would be really helpful if I could view my emails in landscape mode sometimes. The technology is already in the phone so why can’t we get landscape mode for everything?

Wireless sync. This would alleviate a lot of time for me. I don’t often plug my phone into the computer via USB but I am constantly connected to my WiFi network. I wish that the iPhone could wirelessly sync my phone with my computer.

Wireless print. Another feature that would make my life a lot easier. I could print emails on the go without ever moving to the computer.

Video recording. It is about time that the iPhone integrate video recording into the camera. The camera quality isn’t terrible but could be better. Video recording would just add a whole new level to the iPhone that would make a lot of vloggers happy children.

Picture messaging. How many people hate having to send pictures the hard way? I know I am. This feature better be in the next iPhone , we’ve asked for it enough times by now. Are you listening Apple?

Ability to create homescreen shortcuts for other menu items. I’d really like to create a shortcut icon on my homescreen for airplane mode of missed calls but it isn’t possible. Instead I have to take a roundabout to get to where I’m going. I wish I could make shortcuts for everything.

Video calling and then eventually holograms. I wonder how long it will be until this technology is actually available. I’m sure someone, somewhere is already working on it.

Ability to create an iced coffee. Anyone agree?

So what features would you add to the iPhone or any of the other touch screen compeititors out there?

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  1. I think the missing features are: 1. voice dial, 2. video recording, 3. landscape email, 4. Flash, 5. Next gen Bluetooth for wireless stereo.

    Other items I think would be great: Solar charing, longer battery life, multi-SIMM ability

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