Obama to nominate Hilary Clinton as secretary of state

Associated Press reported that president-elect Barack Obama is planning to nominate former first lady, Hilary Rodham Clinton, as secretary of state after Thanksgiving. Such a union would be a remarkable event to behold.

According to a senior Obama advisor, the president-elect is enthusiastic about naming Clinton as secretary of state and has been from the start. The advisor insisted on remaining anonymous because he was not ready to formally announce these plans.

Along with Clinton as the secretary of state it is rumored that president-elect Obama is planning on choosing Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano to be secretary of homeland security. Of course, no final decisions have been publicized and no formal announcements have been made.

The forming of the Cabinet is coming along and it seems that Barack Obama is choosing wisely. It appears that he is choosing an eclectic mix of Washington insiders, longtime aides and the occasional Democratic governor. He is a smart man and choosing experienced professionals.

Some critics are speculating that Obama is putting together a cabinet to similar to the Clinton years and not delivering the change he promised. Others could argue that the last successful administration was the Clinton administration. The change that Obama has promised is going to be a result of his leadership not his staff.

Former Clinton deputy Rahm Emmanuel is now Obama’s chief of staff. The former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschel, is rumored to be the likely choice to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to be the head of the Justice Departmet.

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