Mickey Kantor and the “Worthless White Niggers” comment

There is no doubt that this is a tough primary for Barack Obama.   Being an Obama supporter myself, I have felt the frustration of the insane attacks at the campaign through former ministers and lapel pins.   But that doesn’t mean we should start negative campaigns of our own, like the one started attacking Mickey Kantor using a term like “worthless white niggers” while referring to Indiana voters.

Here is a link to a popular YouTube video that supposedly shows Mickey Kantor speaking to George Stephanapoulos and James Carville, and using inappropriate language.   The problem is that this is total B.S.   He never says the words he supposedly said.

Let’s keep focus on issues, like the fact that Hillary Clinton is joining John McCain in pretending to care about people through this stupid gas tax holiday issue.   Just more nonsense to try to get votes from hard working Americans.   I think the good people in Indiana will see through this issue as being just more politics from a candidate who only has her best interests in mind.

We don’t need more racism in this race.

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