Michele Bachmann Dishes Out More Crazy

I remember when Michele Bachmann came out as one of the few politicians to go against   the ban of incandescent lightbulbs.   She doesn’t feel it’s the government’ place to decide what lightbulbs we use.   I can’t help buy wonder how she feels about catalytic converters.  

Well Michele Bachmann has a new purpose in life; to become the new Joe McCarthy.   She wants to start a witch hunt for “Anti-American’ politicians in congress and senate.   Of course this is in line with Sarah Palin’ “pro-American” comments of late.   And of course Bachmann needs to side with intellectuals like Governor Palin.  

This has become a real issue.   The idea of pro-American, anti-American depending on who you support for president is about as anti-American as you get.   People like Mike Lunsford are too ignorant to understand that this is country of diversity, a country of immigrants, a country of different ideas…a country of freedom   So love it or leave Michele Bachmann and Mike Lunsford!

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