Mike Lunsford – Scumbag of the Week

Adding to the wave of idiots who think America is only a place for white Christians, Mike Lunsford of Ohio decided to lend his ignorant voice to the Palin driven mix.  

It seems Mike Lunsford is so upset that Barack Obama is going to beat John McCain by a landslide, potentially even in Mike’s own state, that Mike decided to do what any normal minded citizen would do, let his racist, ignorant views be known to the world.  

Mike made a little decoration in his yard that features a ghost that is supposed to represent Obama.   We are supposed to know this because the jackass put an Obama bumper sticker upside down on the the ghost.   The genius also add Barack Obama’s middle name, Hussein, but in true redneck fashion, misspelled it.  

Mike Lunsford reported to the news crew covering the story that his views may hurt his employer, which I can only assume is something that involves paving, hammering or carrying.  

I can only imagine how proud the parents of Mike Lunsford must be.   On the upside, it seemed like Mike was not married, so hopefully he won’t procreate.  Check out video here.

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