Unstoppable Change

Despite the anti-American rhetoric from people like Mike Lunsford and Michele Bachmann, the news today is mostly positive for the country.   The battleground state of Missouri showed it’s support for Barack Obama in a big way.

The capitol of the battleground state of Missouri showed Barack Obama love in a big way by delivering over 100,000 people to the latest rally in St. Louis.   I can’t help but feel that the above photograph is more telling than any poll out there.   Obama is winning these battleground states.  

How does McCain respond to the unstoppable change he’s witnessing first hand?   More name calling, both directly and through surrogates.   Including calls pretending to be from Barack Obama himself that are filled with racist and un-American slurs.

When a candidate is winning with a message of change, is the only was to win through lies?   Will talk of anti-Americans, or “real” Americans sway people?  

I support Obama, which I think is clear.   But the fact is that there are issues where I agree with McCain.   But this election has now gone beyond the issues, thanks to McCain.   It’s now about the principals of democracy.   I have to believe that the amount of racists in this country is smaller than the media portrays.   And I can’t believe anyone is willing to be told by John McCain or especially Sarah Palin, what a real American is.


  1. I was so proud that got to vote for Senator Obama yesterday. The McCain campaign, Fox News, and other right wing fanatics have made this election despicable and scary. I have been called a N—r Lover in front of my child because of my Obama ’08 bumper sticker. Even more shocking was last Friday when a Special Education teacher said that I was “brain-washed”, “dillusional”, a “terrorist sympathizer”, and told me that I supported terrorism. All this because I was there observing different teachers at the school, plus some of these comments were said in front of his students.

    Before you say anything, I did let my supervising teacher know what had happened, so hopefully he will be spoken to about being unprofessional.

    This election has brought out the best in some people and the worst in others. I can’t wait till November 4th – Barack Obama is going to be our next president!!!

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