Barack Obama’s $3,000,000 overhead projector

Much like most of the words that come out of John McCain’s mouth, his attack on Obama over   the $3,000,000 “overhead projector” for which Barack Obama requested earmarks, is a pointless half-truth.   Which I guess is better than the total bullshit his running mate spews on a near hourly basis.

The reality behind the fact is not what John McCain would like you to think.   Above is the “overhead projector” that John McCain is complaining about.   It’s a huge planetarium projector to replace the over 30 year old projector at the biggest planetarium in the midwest, the Adler Planetarium.   A place where thousands of school children go to learn about the universe.   It’s not exactly a bridge to nowhere, is it?

This is just another example of how John McCain has nothing to stand on.   His policies are unpopular, so he tried to win on being a “Maverick”, but it appears people just look at him as every other politician.   So he brings on a running mate that he thinks will secure his base, and bring in the women vote.   But it appears that his base is not going to be bought with the promise that he may die in office and leave it to a total Jesus freak.   And I guess women are not as easily pandered to as McCain may have thought.  

So all that’s left is to wheel out as much bullshit as possible and start throwing it around like an monkey gone crazy, and see if anything sticks.   Judging from the polls, it’s not working.


  1. I LOVE the Adler Planetarium. If anyone has not had the opportunity to visit this amazing museum, they need to make a trip to Chicago. The sky show that uses this projector is the most fantastic, informative, awe inspiring, and not to mention relaxing show in town.

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