Is Kid Rock a Warrior?

For the past couple weeks I have had to tolerate the most insane piece of garbage put to the screen.   I’m betting most of you reading this know what I’m talking about.   So I decided to look into wether Kid Rock is truly a Warrior.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about; for the past couple weeks movies theaters have been playing a music video featuring Kid Rock and Dale Earnhardt Jr..   It’s more of a recruitment video than a music video.   The title of the song is Warrior, and it features Kid Rock singing, Dale Earnhardt Jr. racing, and a pit full of men in uniforms pumping their fists.  

The video also features cut scenes of what is supposed to be the National Guard in action.   These scenes include soldiers whom are presumably in Iraq or Afghanistan.   In one particular cheesy scene, children playing with a soccer ball are relieved when a BDU clad soldier kicks them their soccer ball, instead of shooting them I guess.  

Also, keep in mind that this Kid Rock campaign cost tax payers $125 million!!!  That is 5/6 of the entire budget for the Endowment of the Arts.

One of the more annoying aspects of the video is the intersecting of Dale Earnhardt Jr. driving, with soldiers doing their work.   It comes off as a comparison.   Maybe it’s because I don’t   watch NASCAR, but I don’t consider Dale Earnhardt Jr. an American Hero, and certainly not a “warrior”.  

I’m also offended that Kid Rock has the balls to do this song.   Kid Rock has never served in the military.   When you read lyrics like those below, and learn that this person has never worn a uniform, it’s slightly offensive for those of us who have.  

Kid Rock is 37 years old. You can join the National Guard up to age 39.   So, if I may paraphrase Kid Rock’s lyrics, if you ain’t gonna fight, shut the hell up!  

You can view the video here, the lyrics are below.  Also, check out this great article at



So don’t tell me who’s wrong and right

When liberty starts slipping away

And if you ain’t gonna fight

Get out of the way


‘Cause freedom ain’t so free

When you breathe red, white and blue

I’m giving all of myself

How ’bout you?


And they call me warrior

They call me loyalty

And they call me ready to provide relief and help, I’m

Wherever you need me to be


I’m an American warrior


I’m an American warrior

Citizen Soldier


Ahhhhh Yeahhhhh!


(DEEP BACKGROUND) Citizen Soldier


I’ll never leave another behind

I will never accept defeat

I’m a Soldier in war

Civilian in peace


‘Cause freedom ain’t so free

When you breathe red, white and blue

I’m giving all of myself

Cause that’s what I do


And they call me warrior

They call me loyalty

And they call me ready to provide relief and help, I’m

Wherever you need me to be


I’m an American warrior  

Citizen Soldier


  1. I have seen this commercial at the theater and have had to control myself from laughing. I wasn’t alone in feeling that way either. The video appeals to the dullards of society.

    • wow I am starting to lose respect i had for Kid Rock :S OMG WTF he is acting like whore selling him self like that o.O Rock and crappy propaganda dont go together he should be ashamed of what he did. I dont disrespect warriors and will newer but these days warriors are just tools to do dirty work for some greedy, selfish bastard who actually is not in it for peace,liberty or better tomorrow of world.. no honor no justice no glory… And to pollute rock with such dirty stuff like politics, propaganda,and brain washing damn that is so low :S

  2. While I do feel you have a valid point about him not serving, I do disagree that he should shut the hell up if he hasn’t. At least someone is singing positive songs about serving in our military. It’s a recruiting video and he is appealing to 18 to 22 year old males. Soldiers love this guy and most of them love Dale, Jr. Comparing them to Warriors, yes, is a little corny. Would you rather see Ludacris or Snoop Dogg singing about how it is silly to serve when you can rap and make money instead? Look at our soon to be president – he thinks we are air-raiding villages, killing inocent civilians, and we should pull out as soon as he is elected. We are about to elect an anti-American, hate-filled socialist to be our president and you are worried about a rock-star trying to recruit our military. Thank you for serving, I am in your debt, but try to focus on what is important.

  3. @Jeff Thank you for your comment, but you sound like an ass.

    First, Kid Rock is not singing positive songs like this for fun, he was paid a crap load of cash to do so.

    The lyrics in the song I’m referring to with my comment is, “So don’t tell me who’s wrong and right when liberty starts slipping away, and if you ain’t gonna fight, get out of the way”. I find this funny coming from a guy who has never fought for his country, just wants others to, regardless of what the fight is.

    No, I would not like to see a National Guard commercial where Snoop and Ludacris tell people to get high and disrespect soldiers. And that seems like a stupid, racist thing to say. As a matter of fact, Snoop Dogg has actually done just as much to support troops as Kid Rock, he has given benefit concerts to support the troops.

    I would like to see a the National Guard serve up an ad that actually calls young men and women to service with the right message, not “you get to shoot people”. The problem is that this administration, which it sounds like you’re a fan, has killed our brand even with our potential soldiers. And catering to the ignorant with ads like this is not the way to recruit steady minded youth who want to serve. Yes, they still exist.

    And the military should spend it’s money on spokespeople who have actually worn the uniform. Hell, even the National Guard doesn’t consider military service valuable anymore. I know rap is not your forte, but Ice-T did serve with the 25th Infantry Division. There are stars that could appeal to youth that do have a service record.

    As far as your ignorant comments clearly directed at the next president, you should get yourself an education instead of reciting Fox News talking points. Barack Obama has been a much bigger supporter of our troops than John McCain. The Iraqi and Afghanistan Veterens of America gave Barack Obama a B, and John McCain a D in their recent report card. This is not a Democrat group, this is a group of soldiers who have fought for your ignorant ass. As a matter of fact, John McCain was the fourth lowest score. This is because McCain voted against funding our troops, despite what he says about Obama. And McCain skipped voting on the new GI bill so that he could attend a fancy dinner fundraising event. When it came time to show real support for troops, McCain went out to dinner, while real men fought.

    And the “air-raiding” comment comes out of context. Obama was speaking to the need to support troops in Afghanistan because their operations were not successful. I know a dumb ass like you would rather send countless soldiers to die in Iraq, but I would rather fight in Afghanistan and actually get the people who attacked on us on 9/11, remember that day? George Bush has not made al-qaeda answer for their attacks, he has wasted our time in Iraq, and allowed Osama bin Laden to run free and tout his attack on our soil.

    So Jeff, don’t tell me what’s important when you clearly need to check your own priorities. Do some real research about the facts, support your troops with your vote, and lets get bin Laden. And don’t call our next president “anti-American”, that’s paramount to treason. Respect your country, no matter what.

  4. Wow, you do have a lot of time. It’s pretty easy to call people names when you know that there are no reprocutions, isn’t it? I disagreed with your point, without name calling, and your response is to call me an ass, racist, ignorant, ignorant ass, dumb ass and treasonous. Then you say “respect your country, no matter what.” I am sure that your 8 loyal members appreciate your hate-filled drivel, but it seems like a childish way to debate. I guess your point is to obtain “respect” from those that agree with you and to keep everyone else away. Good luck with the site.


  5. Ya know ive read your statements and I think that its a awsome idea that we get the community fan based involvement if it takes Kid Rock or Garth Brooks to do it so be it. It is aimed for the 18-21 y/o people and I am in the PA Army National Guard and those lyrics that he is saying is our WARRIOR ETHOS and you would know that if you ever spent 1 day in boots. Like the saying goes ” you dont have an opnion till you’ve walked a mile in our BOOTS” The enlistment rate is down and its true “FREEDOM ISNT FREE” to be honest I wished that the government would just reenstate the draft and be done with it. Then people would understand words like WARRIOR ETHOS, NCO CREED, SOLDIERS CREED so while you sit and type what a bad thing that we are doing remember that if it wasnt for the WARRIORS you wouldnt have the FREEDOM to even openly express your likes and/or dislikes in this country. I think what they are doing is GREAT and keep going HOOAH!!!

  6. @PFC Randy Mussett – First, I’ve walked a few miles in boots, and with real Army, so drop the attitude.

    Second, work on your grammar, especially when you’re identifying yourself as a soldier.

    Third, I was in no way putting down our military in this post, just the opposite. I would like to see real warriors, who have spent time in boots, to be the ones getting paid to help recruitment. I would think you would like that too. Or do you really think Kid Rock understands, and speaks for us?

    Fourth, it’s just stupid to say you would like to see a draft. Be proud to be part of an all volunteer Army. It would not have quite the same status if everyone was in it. You’re one of the selfless and brave who have given up part of your life to serve. You are a real warrior, and not everyone is meant for such greatness.

    Keep safe.

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