LED Lit Ergonomic Bathtub

Who doesn’t love relaxing after a hard days work and what better way to relax than with a nice bath. The new Ergo bathtub with LED lighting by Hoesch is like a day at the spa.

The tub will come in a variety of shapes including your standard rectangle, oval, square and corner tub. All of the tubs in the series will be fitted with customizable LED lights that will set the mood and give you the feeling of being at a world class spa. The company that designed the Ergo tub created it so that it can hold a maximum of four tub spots.

The standard Ergo bathtub will come with eight Venturi jets but any of the models can be customized by the customer to include up to 26 air-inject jets. The bathtub will offer maximum relaxation with warm, whirly water and would mimic the feeling of a massage. The tub comes in a variety of different depths from 470 mm to 500 mm.

The LED lightstrip that goes around the tub sits in the overflow groove. The lightstrip is customizable and the user can select from seven different colors. Hoesch gave the tub an ergonimical design to maximize comfort while sitting in the bathtub while still giving the tub a contemporary look.

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