24 Carat Gold Plated Headphones

If you are one of those Glen Beck types that thinks you need to invest all your money in gold you might want to consider buying this 24k gold plated headphones.

Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones are pretty expensive already. $199 for the cheapest over-the-ear headphone they offer, all the way up to $599. That is a small price to pay for the music fanatic with lots of money to burn.

Crystal Rocked decided to make the Beats by Dre headphones one step better and plated the headphones with 24 carat gold. The “Collectors Series” took six months to be created and is the latest in fashionable design and groundbreaking technology.

The headphones come in a custom made walnut box that comes fully engraved with the serial number. With the purchase of one of these gold headphones the buyer also received a certificate of authenticity. Each set of gold plated headphones carries a warranty and specific customer numbers so that each and every pair of these headphones remains unique and is never repeated.

The headphones are Beats Studio high definition headphones. They come with a 1.3 meter long Monster cable that can be plugged into any aux outlet including the one on the iPhone and iPod.

There will be only be 50 of these headphones made, 10 of which are already reserved for Harrods Department store in London, so better place an order quick if you want them. The headphones come with a two year warranty and will cost you a cool $2,500.

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