Highest Paying Google Adsense Keywords

I have been using adsense for a while now. It has never really brought in much money but it is nice to have a deposit from Google every now and again for not really doing much of anything. Sure, if I put more work into my websites I would probably make more money off of them but I have been lazy lately. Which got me thinking what are the highest paying Adsense keywords?

Well if you were wondering there are some keywords that you can use on your blog or website that will very likely get you more money per click. Of course, you won’t make money if you do not have any traffic or if people don’t click your Adsense ads but if those things are not a problem for you then you could potentially make a huge profit with these keywords.

Insurance — This is a high paying AdWords keyword. It is highly likely to find insurance companies and insurance aggregators paying $50+ dollars for a click. You would only see a percentage of this but it could range anywhere from $5 – $15.

Loans — In this economy a lot of people are searching for loans. This could be mortgage loans or refinancing, credit cards, student loans or even personal loans. That is why this keyword is so competitive. Average pay for a click on this could be $5 – $13.

Attorney — There is no doubt a lot of attorneys out there but how much are they paying for advertising? The question is a lot. You could make anywhere from $3 – $10 for just one click.


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