A Planet Made Completely of Diamonds

Too bad the NASA space travel program was canceled otherwise we might have been able to cash in on this gold mine one day. Or should I say diamond mine. Recently, a planet made from diamonds was discovered in another galaxy, far, far away.

If this were Star Trek and I had my own Enterprise ship I would warp right over to the huge planet that is said to be made of diamonds. The planet is currently orbits around pulsing star PSR J1719-1438. The diamond planet is believed to be about 5 times the size of Earth and bigger than the sun. Scientists believe that the planet was actually formed from a star.

So the biggest diamond ever is a planet. A planet that is 5 times bigger than the Earth and larger than the Sun. Sounds like it would make one heck of a ring. I am sure the Kardashians are already making the move to buy the diamond in the sky.


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