I’m an Obamacan

I thought it funny to see some of the Democrat candidates jump over Obama last week for stating that he felt Ronald Reagan was a president who brought about change.   Keep in mind that these are the same candidates that when asked what their biggest weakness is, Edwards answered it was his passion for the middle class, and Clinton said it was her impatience for change.   Obama, who answered first, said it was his lack of organization.   Poor Barack.   No one told him you’re supposed to answer like it’s a bad college admissions question.

Why wouldn’t a Democrat admit that Reagan brought about change?   He clearly brought over Democrat votes, and he obviously made some significant changes.   Of course he was far from perfect.   But the man served the country as President through some scary times.   He helped bring about the end of the cold war, and he was one of the biggest contributers to science that our country had ever had.   And does anyone else find it a bit hypocritical that Clinton complains that the rich got richer in the 80’s?   When did she get all her money?   It was from shady land deals in the 80’s.

I totally get what Obama is saying here, and it’s a message that we should all listen to.   This partisan fighting has done more damage to the country than any single administration, including the current one.   We need to start seeing Democrats and Republicans working together towards some big goals.   And by jumping all over Obama for his remarks about a president that is becoming known as one of our better leaders in history, just shows that when they take office they will maintain this partisan politics and clog up progress.   It’s funny because they have pilfered Obama’s message of change, but continue to miss the point.

I like John Edwards.   His passion is not wasted on me.   I dig the whole working class hero thing he has going, complete with the John Melencamp theme song and steel worker guys behind him.   But I do think he thinks change is more about tax changes to help the middle class (which is not a bad thing) and not about really changing the way government works (or doesn’t).

The Clintons are the worst of what politics has to offer.   I know people look back fondly on the Clinton administration, it’s hard not to with George W. in office.   But let’s not forget that the man was a liar.   I’m not just talking about the Lewenski thing.   I’m talking about missed draft notices, not inhaling the weed in his hand, selling plots in Arlington (which is really disgusting), pardoning (140 on his final day in office) criminals and terrorists who set off bombs here in the U.S., and yes…lying under oath about having sex with interns.

Keep in mind that the Clinton camp has been hammering Obama about his teen drug use.   He has not learned how to say he “didn’t inhale† with a straight face.   I for one was never comfortable with having a president that was too stupid to know how to smoke a joint.

And I would like to address the Clinton’s attacks on Obama about his “inconsistencies about the war†.   Hillary actually said he was inconsistent because he voted against the war, and then voted to fund it.   So turn this around; this means that she voted to have a war, and then voted to not fund it.   Brilliant!   So Obama made the decision to fund a war that was going to happen.   What happens when you don’t support our troops properly?   Well let’s look at the the Clinton administration’s failure to support our troops in Mogadishu.

I’m not a hard core Republican.   I’m pro-choice, I think stem call research should be made a priority (preferably before I start getting old), I don’t care who a gay person marries, and I think we were lied to about the reason for this war.   But I am more of a financial conservative.   I’m for things like FairTax (which no Democrat agrees with), and I’m not into the way that Democrats treat poverty like a lifelong inflection someone has at birth.   I’m very much into the idea that people should make decisions and prioritize their lives based on the success they want.   It’s not fair that the harder I work for money, the more I should have to pay to people who chose to not put in the same level of effort.

That being said, I think Barack Obama is still the most exciting candidate we have seen in a long time.   Don’t buy into this lack of experience, he has twice as much time as an elected official as Hillary Clinton.   First lady is not an elected office; she didn’t vote on legislation or have to answer to anyone.   As a matter of fact Bill Clinton has ordered her communication during the administration be sealed until 2012.   I’m assuming that the info wouldn’t help her campaign, or we would be seeing her “experience† for ourselves.

And let’s be honest, the Republican party is not offering anything to be excited about.   Romney’s campaign is run by lobbyists and special interest groups.   Huckeby compares gay marriage to pedophilia and bestiality.   And McCain wants to maintain a war with no real objective and is costing us lives and cash everyday.   And then there is Rudy Guliani with his 9/11 pitch.   No one disagrees that he loves that city, and probably this country, but his strategy of ignoring some states to focus on the “key states† is a little stomach churning.   We want someone to be president of the whole country, not just the big voters.

So, I’m an Obamacan.   I’m voting for real change.   And that change to me means doing away with partisan arguments that clog up our government.   Ending the reign of corporate lobbyists and special interest groups.   Put an end to human rights violations like Guantanamo Bay, and then demanding a higher level of human rights around the world.   Push ourselves to make giant leaps forward in environmental protection.

Let me know your thoughts, whether you’re an Obamacan or not.
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  1. Glad to see fellow Republicans who think like I do. I am much more about the econmomy, health care, and energy policy than anything, and Barack has some great answers to these issues. I have been for Romney, but since it doesn’t look like he’ll get a nomination, I will vote for Obama. McCain and Hillary would both be disasters as presidents.

  2. OBAMA 08! My previous votes went to:

    2004 Bush
    2000 Bush
    1996 Perot
    1992 Perot

    Let’s find someone who is less divisive and crooked than billary

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